Monday, June 18, 2007

Safe Turn Bicycle Indicator Light - Buy One Get One free

Safe Turn Bicycle Indicator Light - Bike Turn Signal:

Special Offer: "Two for One"

for the readers of PPOL: News

Buy 1 Indicator and receive 1 FREE

Buy 2 and receive 2 FREE, buy 3 and receive 3 FREE etc.

Limited time only

- When you order, the final page is checkout / order form

- Go to the Details field and type PPOLNEWS

You pay for what you order, as seen on the checkout screen.

We will send you the extra Indicators free of charge.

The Safe Turn Indicator is a new Australian invention (patent pending). It is a small, portable, automatic bicycle light indicator that easily clips to the wristband that is provided or to your own glove.

Unlike other bicycle indicators, the Safe Turn Indicator does not require any special action from the cyclist. When your hand is raised to indicate a turn, the internal tilt switch detects the change in the position and the orange light starts to blink.

Retail Price: $19.95 AUD (approx $15.50 USD)

The Safe Turn Indicator offers the following advantages:

Diameter 40mm or 1.6 inches Weight 19 grams or 0.67 oz.

  • You do not have to learn to use the device, as its use can be combined with your normal hand signals,
  • To accommodate for your individual preferences, the base can be adjusted at 15 degree intervals to allow the tilt switch to function at any angle,
  • Containing 3 LEDs, the indicator is extremely visible and it flashes in a similar fashion as a vehicle/motorbike indicator does,
  • The Indicator is portable, lightweight and has low energy consumption,
  • The Indicator will keep blinking as long as your hand is raised, and
  • The Indicator promotes safe cycling.

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