Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hands-on with T-Mobile HotSpot @Home - Engadget Mobile

Hands-on with T-Mobile HotSpot @Home - Engadget Mobile:
GSM / WiFi handoff is a brilliant idea in theory -- but to be usable, it's gotta be seamless, unnoticeable, and virtually effortless for the user. So far, the national carriers have failed to deliver any solution -- let alone a usable one -- so how does T-Mobile stack up? The Phone Fairy recently dropped off a Nokia 6086 and Linksys WRT56G-TM router to have a go with T-Mobile's just-announced HotSpot @Home service, and our initial impressions are fairly positive. In brief: setup was a snap, the phone's basic but well-designed, GSM / WiFi handoffs were hit or miss, and for ten bones a month, it seems like a square deal. Read on for more, and don't forget to peep the gallery!

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